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Support Workers

Support workers that support you!

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Standard level Support Workers provide a range of supports and can assist with daily living, personal care assistance and social & community engagement.

Social & community engagement can support you to get out and about, spend more time with your family & friends and assist you to engage & participate more within your community.

Personal care assistance includes bathing, showering, toileting, getting dressed and personal grooming.

Daily living includes day to day tasks such as assistance with putting the bins out, doing laundry, assisting with meal preparation, answering emails and making appointments.

High Intensity

Our high intensity support workers are trained to support you with more complex support needs which may include support with:

  • bowel care

  • urinary catheters

  • enteral feeding (e.g., PEG feeding)

  • subcutaneous injections

  • diabetes management

  • epilepsy support

  • advanced manual handling

  • behaviours of concern

  • behaviour support plan implementation

Our registered nurses oversees all high intensity supports and our workers are required to undergo regular competency assessment reviews to ensure they are delivering supports within your care plan framework.

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You First Support Work

You First recruits, employs, matches and trains our support workers to ensure they have the skills and experience to support you with reliable, quality and safe supports.

As every person is different and has different support needs it is important we get to know you before we send a support worker to work with you.


Once we've met with you our rostering team can then match and manage a support worker team that have the right skills and experience to work with you.

If you would like to have a chat about how our support workers can support you then please fill out our online referral form or call us on 1300 52 56 56.

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