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STA/Respite & MTA Solutions

Short-Term Accommodation / Respite & Medium-Term Accommodation


STA/Respite & MTA

Short-term accommodation / respite provides time away for you from your informal supports providing you both with a break. 

Our STA/Respite supports provide you with an inclusive package of support work, accommodation, food & activities that are designed around you while our MTA supports provide that temporary home & care for up to 90 days while you wait to move into your longer term home.

Call us on 1300 52 56 56 to find out more about how our home & living team can help to build a STA/Respite or MTA stay that meets your needs.

South Melbourne VIC 1:1

We have exclusive use of this incredible South Melbourne apartment, located in one of the most sort after apartment complexes in Melbourne.

You First provides a unique 1:1 ratio STA/Respite experience for people who are looking to develop independent living skills, learn to cook (we have a trained chef), navigate public transport, go to a live show, visit an art gallery or a museum, see the laneways of Melbourne, drink the best coffee, attend the ANZAC day dawn service (the apartment is very close to the shrine of remembrance), go to a live sporting event, develop a new personal fitness regime (we have a personal trainer) the list is endless.


The apartment can also be made available for MTA with either standard or high intensity level support workers 24/7.

South Melbourne STA 1.png
SIL house.png

NE Melbourne VIC 1:2 or 1:3

Bookings from 1st May 2024

Shared Melbourne STA/Respite/MTA

1:2 or 1:3 ratio female only


Affordable STA/Respite/MTA in a quiet, peaceful location that is only 35 minutes to the Melbourne CBD with high intensity trained staff our new STA/Respite/MTA option is a real break from it all or a great interim location to stay while you wait to move into your long term home.

With a focus on affordable without compromising on quality, our shared female only house provides an all inclusive stay with a focus on building social skills in a safe and calm environment, developing independent living skills in a relaxed and calm environment.

If you are seeking an affordable MTA solution while waiting for your longer term accommodation to be available, then our 1:2 or 1:3 female only house is an ideal temproary home away from home.

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