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Autism & ADHD Support

Supports & services designed for you!

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Autism & ADHD

Autism can impact how a person thinks, feels, interacts with others and their environment and is known as a spectrum disorder as different people may experience differing levels of impact in each area.

ADHD is generally described as being inattentive, being hyperactive/impulsive or both, although a person with ADHD commonly has strong emotional responses and can find social skills challenging.

Autism & ADHD are neurodevelopmental conditions which can occur alone or together (AuDHD) and changes how a person's brain functions and processes information compared with the majority of the population.

Services & Supports

Many factors determine how a person experiences Autism and / or ADHD throughout their life including when they are diagnosed, their gender, what age they are now, what support they have received along their journey and what access they have had to tailored supports.

You First doesn't assume we know you or how you experience Autism and / or ADHD, we listen to your experience and learn about your strengths, your environmental challenges, what works for you and find out more about your goals. We then work with you to develop a support plan that is just for you.

Whether you are looking to increase your social skills, leaving school, job seeking, wanting to learn life skills or just need support with daily living we will work with you to achieve your goals.


Why Choose You First?

Our Autism & ADHD services & supports have been designed by our neurodivergent team members and clients whose own lived experience enables us to continuously develop and deliver services & supports in a way that works for you.

All our services & supports can be tailored to align to your strengths and preferred approach including Support Work, Coaching, Training, Finding a Job & Employment Support, School Leaver Supports (SLES) & Counselling.

If you would like to find out more about our services & supports please contact us at 1300 52 56 56, complete a referral form, or email us at - please let us know the most comfortable way you would like us to communicate with you.

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