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Individualised Living Options

Individualised Living Options (ILO)


Explore & Design

ILO is supports for people who need more than 6 hours of support a day and enables you to design the supports to live the way that works for you with a mix of formal paid & informal unpaid supports such as housemates or a host.

Stage 1 is to explore the options available to you and document your informal and formal support needs. We assist you to document your service proposal and send to the NDIS.


The exploration & design stage is funded by the NDIS as either 30 hours, 50 hours or 100 hours depending on how many areas of support you need to consider and how complex your supports will be.

Implement & Maintain

he NDIS will consider the service proposal and if accepted fund ILO at the level they consider will meet your needs.


There are three levels of funding which NDIS has published as being funded in 2024 as:

  • Level 1 - $105,000 per year

  • Level 2 - $150,000 per year

  • Level 3 - $230,000 per year

Once your funding is confirmed we provide you with your paid supports and work collaboratively with you and your informal supports to implement & maintain your ILO designed supports including supporting you to adjust your support framework as needed.

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You First ILO Services

You First Home & Living team can support you through a structured exploration process that will assist you to design a framework of both formal & informal supports that will form your ILO service proposal.

Once designed, You First can assist you with your formal support team and help you to continue to amend and refine your support framework over time.

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