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How Can We Help You ?


You First support workers, provide a range of daily living supports including:'

  • social & community

  • companionship

  • standard daily living support

  • personal care support

  • dementia care support

  • high intensity support

  • complex supports

  • BSP implementation support

  • in home & respite support

  • 24/7 support

Our support worker recruitment is one of the most stringent in the sector and we undertake full checks, screening and interviews with all our support workers. To enable us to access the largest pool of potential support workers in your areas we partner with an external recruitment company.

Our support worker teams work closely with our home nursing team, coaches and trainers to ensure you receive consistent supports.

It is important that when you engage us for any of our homecare services that we get to come and meet you at home and that we understand the support you need so we can deliver the best and safest service to you.

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The transition from school to work is a major milestone in a young person's life and SLES supports in your NDIS plan provide you with an opportunity to secure additional support to help you prepare for the world of work.

Our SLES programs include a range of tailored capacity building, key skills training and discovery activities that will assist you to gain core skills, prepare for and find work experience opportunities.

We partner local Melbourne companies, a mainstream recruitment agency and also operate our own social enterprise (Izzy & Rose) which enables us to guarantee everyone of our SLES program participants a work experience opportunity that is aligned to their goals and provide a positive opportunity to use the skills learnt and identify new strengths in a real work environment.

Our SLES program is delivered via 1:1 activities and in small group learning and is designed to be adaptable to support your goals.  To ensure the quality of the SLES program is maintained for each participant we have a limited number of places for each SLES program intake.

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Finding a job can be overwhelming, which is why all our jobs team have skills and previous experience of working in HR & Recruitment teams from a range of different industries.

Our jobs team of coaches design a tailored program of support that can include individual capacity building skills training, discovery activities to identify your job readiness and strengths, job search support with real interview practice experience with our mainstream recruitment partner. 

Our social enterprise (Izzy & Rose) provides various work experience opportunities for people interested in learning about retail, customer service, inventory & stock management, logistics, administration, finance, eCommerce and website design & management while our mainstream recruitment partner can provide introductions for a range of diverse work experience opportunities in a number of different industries.

Our job team can also assist you as a one off or ongoing in the workplace to ensure you have specialised in work support when you need it whether that is day to day supports, weekly check ins to help you to stay on task or once a month coaching to assist you focus on your career journey.

Our business specialists team are available to individuals who are looking to become self employed or start their own business.

Our business specialist coaches can take you through the business planning process and work with you to transform your ideas into practical plans and actions.

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You First coaching & capacity building skills training is for anybody & everybody. 

Our strengths focused courses are designed and customised just for you with examples of some our recent programs:

  • school leavers next steps (higher education & employment options)

  • career pathways (exploring different career options and future job opportunities)

  • learning options (explore TAFE, Uni and training programs)

  • preparing for work (from CV to interview to negotiating terms & conditions & pay)

  • employment supports (assistance in managing workplace relationships)

  • small talk (social skills & community engagement)

  • healthy & respectful relationships (learning how to spot good relationships)

  • milestones (milestone life events from puberty, to getting married or moving home)

  • parent & carer training (help with navigating being a parent or carer)

  • life skills for living independently (comprehensive multi-activity course)

  • pantry to plate (what to keep in your pantry to basic cooking)

  • basic money management (how to create a household budget, pay a bill or use cash)

  • being a responsible tenant (first time renters or people wanting to rent)

  • learning to say yes (managing anxiety and the fear of the unknown)

  • toolbox for navigating a neurotypical world (autism specific work arounds for survival in a neurotypical world!)

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You First provides intermediary services & supports including:

  • Level 1 Support Connections

  • Levels 2 Coordination of Supports

  • Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination

  • Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

  • Plan Management

Support Coordination Team

Our Support Coordination team provide Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 support coordination services assisting clients to navigate, access and connect with services & supports.

Psychosocial Recovery Coaching

Our Psychosocial Recovery Coaching Team have the experience and training to support clients to build capacity & resilience through strong & respectful relationships.

Plan Management & Bookkeeping

You First qualified bookkeepers can support our clients to mange and monitor their budgets, manage payment claims and invoices as well as providing general bookkeeping services.

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You First House Cleaning team can help you to get and keep your home clean & tidy.

Whether you need a one off spring clean or you are looking for a more regular cleaner, our team of house cleaners can assist with dusting, vacuuming, mopping, tidying, wiping down surfaces, bed changing, kitchen and bathroom cleaning, cupboard and pantry tidying, washing & ironing and more.

You First House Cleaning team have been screened, checked and verified to work with our clients and must successfully complete our specialist house cleaning induction before commencing work with any clients.


Contact us for more information about house cleaning or complete our referral form and one of the team will contact you to discuss your needs in more detail.

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Our home nurses provide a range of services and will complete a fully healthcare & support assessment the first time they visit you so they can get to know you and your health history.

Based on the assessment your registered nurse will develop and regularly review your You First Care & Support Plan which will detail the key elements of your care & support.

You First provides customised services for post op, rehab & hospital discharges, and has a specialist multi-disciplinary team who can work with you and your hospital team pre-discharge to understand & plan your services & supports ready for the day you go home providing you the change to get to know the people who will be supporting you before discharge.

Once home a You First Registered Nurse will check in with you regularly to review and update your Care & Support Plans which will enable you to ask any questions about your health or care needs.

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You First provides a range of services & supports which have been specially tailored for our neurodivergent clients with autism and / or ADHD.

Our services & supports have been designed by neurodivergent team members whose own lived experience enables us to develop and deliver services & supports that you can understand and connect with and also tailor to your specific super power.

Our work in this space is continually growing and each client we work with teaches us something new which we in turn input back into refining and improving our services & supports for all our clients.


Contact us for more information about our specific services & supports for neurodivergent people.

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Private & Confidential

When you start using our services we will ask you for a lot of information about yourself, your health and your life.

We understand people are rightly concerned about how companies and individuals look after your most personal information.

At You First we take the security of your data and information extremely seriously and have invested significantly in having a specialist IT company provide us with extra secure systems, Australian based servers and tools to enable us to provide you with peace of mind.

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