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Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL)


What is SIL?

Supported Independent Living, often called SIL, are the supports for people with high levels of day to day support needs.

While SIL supports can be delivered 1:1, NDIS funding is usually provided at 1:3 and sometimes 1:2 meaning that NDIS participants need to share their accommodation with three or two other NDIS participants.

SIL funding generally covers 24/7 supports which include personal care, household helps such as cleaning & meal preparation and medication support & assistance.

I have accommodation

You First can build a SIL team with the right skills & qualifications to meet your needs and support you and the other people you share your home with by providing you with 24/7 supports.

Sometimes participants want to change their SIL provider and You First will work with you, the other participants you share a house with and your current SIL provider to smoothly transition your SIL services to You First.


If you have not had a SIL provider before then call us for a no obligation chat about how You First can support you to put a SIL team in place.


I don't have accommodation

You First sometimes has vacancies in our SIL houses and we would be happy to discuss if any of our houses might make a suitable home for you.


However, it is important to us that anyone who lives in our SIL houses is compatible with the people that already live there as this is their home.

Alternatively if you and other participants you know are seeking a SIL provider and don’t have accommodation, You First SIL team can help find a suitable home through a private landlord or builder.

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