So you think you can 'Supco' ?

With hundreds of organisations now offering Support Coordination, , how do clients know what it is exactly that sets a good Support Coordinator above the rest? How does a SupCo “do good SupCo”?

This week we've sat down with one of our Support Coordinators, Serah Akbulat to get her thoughts on what makes a great Support Coordinator

Figure out your game plan

Prior to seeing any client for the first time, one of the most important things I always do is obtain a copy of the Client’s current NDIS Plan, including their goals. Why? Because understanding is everything!

Understanding information about your client’s disability, , their goals, their aspirations, their perception of their roadblocks, what they’re interested in (and what annoys them most), will help you better prepare for your first meeting with them and the potential services and supports they may be interested in accessing.

Understanding as much as you can before you meet your Client helps set up a far more productive conversation with them, and their informal support network, during your plan implementation consultation.

Get Organised !

Taking inspiration from the famous Mr Santa Claus, I’m always making my lists and checking them twice! I set my day up for success by forward planning.

I start by documenting the key tasks that need addressing that day line by line. This will then help me figure out how much time I’m going to need to achieve the best outcome for my clients and give me an idea of how I’m tracking against my own goals.

By making task lists of everything to be completed I am able to better prioritise my workload, avoid the potential of feeling overwhelmed when I’m really busy, as well as being able to provide clients with up to date timelines whenever they touch base with me.

One last tip, I always build in an hour a day (two on a Monday) for the unexpected and unplanned calls and requests that need resolving urgently

Know your stuff

The NDIS landscape is forever evolving the goalposts are always changing and therefore your knowledge base should too. For example, in response to the current pandemic there were a small number of changes made to how NDIS participants could use their funding more flexibly. Keeping up to date on these changes meant more of my clients were able to access even greater choice and control over how to use their funding (yay!).

As a Support Coordinator, it’s imperative for clients to feel confident that you’re 'in the know' of all the recent updates & changes and you are able to provide accurate information regarding what can and can’t be claimed from plans. Keeping up to date with changes to the rules & regulations as a Support Coordinator will help ensure you are able to support your clients get the best value from their supports and services. ans.

Be available,

but not on call

TA good Support Coordinator needs to help assist their client in building capacity, resilience, and routine, so it is important to agree contact arrangements (including frequency) at the first meeting.

This may be an unpopular opinion for some people I know but it doesn’t help your client to build capacity if you’re available 24/7 to take care of everything?

Lastly, just be honest.

If you think a different or more specific service or Specialist Support Coordination tool out there that will be better equipped to assist your client, then let your client know.

Have the courage to have an open and honest conversation about the importance of linking them in with services that are going to benefit them in the longer term. Your clients will respect you for it and appreciate that you have identified something that is a better fit for them.

This Blog Post has been brought to you by You First

in collaboration with guest writer Serah Akbulat

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